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It's been gorgeous weather all week, and I was blessed to have lunches in the garden! What a blessing indeed, so much to be content about. Birds singing, flowers blooming, feeling the warm breeze in the air, absolutely delightful!

And despite being a bit slow on my creations, well, I have finally got myself the orange scarf I wanted for years! OK, no longer the weather for it, but it is almost finished, and I will be proudly displaying the bright colour on cold wintry days next year.

And the cross stitch designed for my next grandchild is coming along nicely, I am almost at the stage of doing the outline, and then the long 6 months wait for the baby's birth, where I will be adding a name and a date!

Hope you also had a lovely time this week, and I'm sending everyone a wonderful spring breeze accompanied by the delightful fresh smell of spring flowers.

Until next time,

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Good morning chère Lori, I like your sparkling Spring post a lot. There are already many different flowers blooming in Paris. We mostly see daffodils at the moment.
Your little orange scarf turned out lovely, it's a happy color and I think it will suit your beautiful face perfectly.
It's going to be a long Summer, my friend, 6 months waiting ;)
I am sending lots of sweet Spring sprinkles your way for a lovely Saturday and a sweet Sunday xxxx

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori! Bonne matin!
Although it's warm in Paris, there may be a cool evening to wear that amazing scarf! It is stunningly beautiful and I am so impressed with your skills each time I see what you've been creating. The giraffe is sooooo adorable! ... in yellow and blue ~ so sweet!

Your flowers make me smile, since here it is sunny today, but still wintry temperatures.
The trees and bushes look like they are "relaxing" and greening just a wee bit...so... pretty soon, I guess!
Have a great day mon amie!