Summer's here!

And when summer comes, we are out and about!

I was sharing and loving yesterday with family and friends, the sun was out, and life was beautiful!

Little ladybird came to visit my plate:

No wonder, with such yummies in sight:

Harvest from the garden:

Thank you Lord for these precious moments.

Wishing you all the same, moments to be remembered with much love in the years to come!


Lori xxx


Last weekend in Normandy!

Was bliss. So relaxed! So beautiful!

Here are a few photos to show you:

So isolated and so at peace. One thing I really wish I could have been able to do is to take a photo of the myriads of stars seen so brightly at night time, that was such a divine show! Something we do not see in the city.

And at night time, we finished our evenings with a cuppa in front of this:

Now, what more could I have asked for. It was indeed bliss!

Wishing you comfortable weekends, filled with blissful moments! :x lovestruck

Love, Lori xxx