I've done it!

I was over pessimistic this morning, honest, just look at me finishing within the day! Wow, am I pleased?

Now off to assemble the whole thing, I've got an idea in my head involving some patchwork.

I think now I am motivated to hang it up THIS Christmas!

Take good care everyone,

Almost there

I have tried all my best to finish it by now, but still a bit to go. Hope to be ready for the 1st December so I could start assembling my 12 Days!

And some lovely roses, although almost faded now, but they were a delight.

Grey and cold over here, I am staying indoors. Real wintry weather!

Keep warm, have a good week,



... but very gently. Had a stab at nr 10 of the 12 days, last and least preferred, unfortunately.

Have to finish it! MUST!

L xxx



This weekend I tried my hand at some knitting, and made a quick scarf in pastel pink. I must admit I have not touched the cross stitch, and I must, at all cost, finish my 10th day in the Christmas series and begin to assemble my two banners. Well, more to come.

Until next time,

Have a very good week,


My 12 day of the 12th Days

Well, it took me a while! But here goes now.

And also another quick stitch for a Christmas card.

Sorry, am a bit late over here and getting ready for work tomorrow, so I wish you all a good week ahead. I leave you with a picture of my street adorned in autumn's colours.

Love to you all,