Don't know where time goes ...

Yes, it is true, it does fly.  Have been in a bit of a lapse here, no energy to do anything, health not too good.  Not sure when I'll pick up again, but I am still seeing your blogs from time to time, to keep up somewhat.  Until I am ready to get back, have a blessed time meanwhile!

Lori xxx


It's been a while

I'm back!  Today we have the real April showers!  Five minutes blazing sun, then thunderstorm, then sunshine again! I have been busy today re-arranging my office, and mainly the library, putting books in order and arranging it nicely!  My Baby is inspecting the job, if well done, LOL!

 I have not been very productive lately, celebrating Easter twice, 
as I also celebrate the Orthodox Easter. 

 Here is my latest cross stitch finish:

Despite the cold weather, the spring flowers are all around us, these are my blessings:

Wishing you all God's speed and His numerous blessings,

Lori xxx


GREAT Britain!

Recently at work and around Paris I have been taken with the GREAT Britain campaign, and proudly added my contribution to the whole mood!

Here are my latest WIP, my mini Union Jack collection:

Paris is still beaming with sunshine, hope wherever you are the sun is also smiling upon you!

Bonne semaine, Lori xxx


Of Spring

This week we have been blessed with much sunshine, Paris took off its winter coat and dared some colour, so off I went in search for the signs of Spring:

How delightful and how renewing. I soaked it all in!

And I have finished a little project for an exchange here in France:

And my latest WIP:

Wishing you all sunshine and a praying that all the blessings you give - care, goodness, joy, kindness, hope, prayers, laughter - may they be all returned to you with love.

"The Lord continually bless you with heaven's blessings as well as with human joys."
Psalm 128:5 TLB

Hugs, Lori xxx


Grey and wet!

Today's miserable, really is, despite the mild temperatures, honestly the outside is not awfully inviting! No bother, I've got plenty to do inside.

Just finished my latest WIP and now ready as a birthday card to be sent off.

And caught up with a mini Christmas project I had in mind and did not get round to do.

Hope your side of the world has a bit more sunshine than mine!

Hugs, Lori xxx


Enjoying ...

... this morning the calm and rest, listening to Music thru the night, a favourite programme I listen to on Moody radio, on the internet.

Hope your week was filled with love and thoughtful little presents.

I have started another mini cross stitch project for a birthday card.

And I am knitting a sort of TV blanket, to be used on cold evenings when watching the telly.

May you be rested and refilled for the new week ahead.

Hugs, Lori xxx



So pleased to show you the finished product, a surprise to my dear one, he has not seen it! Not easy to hide to sew, when we both have almost the same working hours.

Still very cold over here, but the snow did not last, so dry and sunny really.

Wishing you all a restful weekend and a week ahead filled with much love,

Hugs, Lori xx