My best Christmas present was to be with my dear ones. I am sure it was the same for you. Here I am with our grand daughter and my husband enjoying the Christmas festivities:

This week I am enjoying the lul in between Christmas and New Year, and here are some of my recent finishes.

Gone back to knitting for a little while, will show you soon.

See you soon, Lori xxx


A very merry Christmas time!

To all my blog friends, I wanted to share the joy that Christmas brings and to send you my warmest wishes for a peaceful time filled with God's grace!

May we be a blessing to each other and may each and every one's creativity delight us all throughout the year to come.

All the very best,


Making memories

Enjoyed the snow again today and made my little snowman :-)

And last night I lit some candles, enjoying the warmth of the my home while outside was snowing.

Been a busy week, we had our Christmas Carols, here are a couple of photos.

Wishing you all a quiet weekend,

Lori xxx


Some more

... snow! Yes, we had a bit more ongoing, and here is how it looked last Wednesday!

... and some more cross stitching!

Wishing you all a restful weekend!

Lori xxx



Like almost all over Europe, here we also had our share of snow! And I was out and about with my camera, enjoying our first snow of the year!

This tree in the neighbourhoud I would see as a perfect Christmas tree! :-))

A very dear blog friend had so kindly shared from her JOY with me and sent me smiles and heart warmth: a sprinkle of twinkle starts, mini cup cases to be filled with yummies, some Parisian hint of chocolate and wishes of Christmas JOY! Thank you so so much Saskia, you are a JOY!

Will be back shortly with more news, wishing you a lovely weekend,