I love autumn, especially when I can be at home, indoors, busying myself around our home, enjoying the warmth and the hot cuppas. If I would have to describe my spare time at the moment, I would have to say: plenty supply of tea and coffee, accompanied by hot soup, fresh baked bread, nice apple pies, and my cat purring while I knit. Soft music in the background. I took to knitting and crochet lately, cross stitch is on hold for the moment.

Hope you are all having a nice cosy day.


The sky has been painted!

It was such a beautiful picture, I had to stop and take a pic on Wednesday evening! Delightful, despite the chill. It is now cold and autumn is really settled in.

I have been a bit tired this week, so my productivity levels dropped, however here are a couple of my ongoing crochet projects.

The flower(s) will hopefully become a dress decoration ...

... and the pink Hello Kitty design, a little bag. Eventually!

Have a wonderful weekend,


In red

I had to undo my entrelac project as I got it a bit wrong. If you notice in the photos, my work is no longer curving at the sides, as per previous post's images, as I forgot, or rather did not quite understood that I have to introduce in the tier a small triangle at each side. I think I was too busy weaving the basket like rectangles,that the sides were left a bit ... on the side! ;-)

Last night I went to a red themed birthday party, my nails match my work, LOL! :-))

This week I managed to do a little bib for a colleague's baby, a speedy project that came out quite nice! In any case, my colleague was very pleased. :-)

The sun is out, so I will be enjoying some autumny sun again, hope you too.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


I got hooked

... on entrelac! What a beautiful pattern. OK, so mine is not perfect and am still to learn, but here goes my first attempt.

My reason to wanting to learn this pattern is because I saw a nice scarf with this pattern in a Parisian shop and the price amazed me: 129 euros. A knitted scarf? Well, beat me, I'm learning the pattern and I will soon be sporting a scarf worth 129 euros, and in fact home made by mini-moi! ;-)

Tutorial to be found here:

I leave you with my autumn walk pictures on 10.10.10.

Love to you all, have a wonderful week,


Enjoying my week

And of course the weekend! I have had a delightful time with my guests, and just wanted to share a couple of pics from one of our evenings outing in the centre of Paris.

I even managed to bake a little, chocolate mini-cupcakes, but I felt I left them a tad too long in the oven, they felt a bit dry. I am still learning.

I have finished one Christmas ornament, a mini Christmas tree in patchwork style.

And my latest WIP, a striped scarf for the autumn mornings when it is really chilly.

So I leave you with the picture of a lovely bouquet my DH has brought me, absolutely lovely.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,



A little crochet and autumn leaves today, as I have to do a major tidy of the house, next week I have some guests from Sweden, so I will have to leave all craft aside.

Last night on coming back from work I passed these beautiful sights and could not stop picking up a few!

And a little crochet while watching NCIS on telly.

Grey and wet over here, but I am inside and enjoying a nice cuppa. Wishing you all a lovely weekend,