To rescue Alex

Meet Alex. Belonging to a colleague, it has the amazing age of 38! My colleague got it for her daughter, and now two delightful grandaughters would like to play with Alex.

Only poor Alex has been through a few washing loads, spins and lots of soap bubbles, and is wearing a bit thin. He's had a few "interventions", but this time really he needs a major one, a real change.

I was asked if I can get him a little coat, to help him pass a few more years yet. Well, here's the result.

Been under the weather lately and the only thing I could to while in bed was to knit.

Hope my colleague will like Alex in his new coat, a Monday surprise!

Have a restful weekend,


Valentine exchange part 2

I was so blessed by Saskia on Saturday, she has put so much thought and care in her gift, I was overwhelmed! So practical, and so caring, I am using pens and post-it notes in work, my spring clean has started, my shopping list is on the ready, and when I need a rest a lovely cuppa awaits with a wonderful piece of chocolate and a lovely gardening magazine to browse. I am spoilt rotten!!

Thank you dear Saskia, your friendship Valentine went straight to my heart

Wishing you all a good week, Lori xxx


Happy Valentine Day!

Wishing you all love, love and again love, it has been a day filled with love for me and wish to share some! May you always be blessed with love, with joy, with peace and with grace!

Love, Lori xxx


Valentine exchanges part 1

Don't you just love Valentine's Day? I do. I think I'm in love with it. I'm in love with the idea of exchanging sweet nothings, but which mean so so much for one's soul.

Here's from Marta, my dear faithful blogfriend, about to give birth as we speak, and she found time to think of me amidst all her flurry, first birth and all! Amazing!

And here's my return, hope she will look on blogland weeks after, as it was posted a tiny touch late.

And for my JOYFUL friend I'm meeting today, I got together a small packet of niceys, hope she'll like them.

Will keep you posted of more pretties of Valentine's Day!!



Baby projects

My youngest step daughter has proudly announced she is pregnant, so we look so forward to becoming grandparents again, a second time. Olivia, our first grandaughter is from my first step daughter.

The family is nicely growing, and we are delighted. So, granny here has started with baby projects!

I am having much fun this weekend, are you, too? Wishing you so,

A bientot,