Mothering Sunday in France

What is the most appropriate gift for Mums? Everyone will say, flowers, I know.

Well, I say: hearts!

To say "I love you" to all Mums in the world!!

Oh, and my gift, of course!

Hugs, Lori xxx


Morning stroll in Paris!

Anita has stirred us into action, her "simply irresistible" mood got me longing for a coffee bang in the centre of Paris!

So here I go, having a coffee and croissant in the middle of "La ville d'amour"

on Rivoli street,

crossing over for a stroll in the Tuilleries garden,

getting slowly to the Carrousel du Louvre

and finally reaching the Louvre museum.

Oh, and just to leave you with an archive photo of the Eiffel tower seen fr
om the Tuilleries garden, overlooking place Concorde, lovely view!

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies,


Mother's Day in USA

"I love how even women without children {I’m one} somehow feel the need to nurture, to grow, to pour themselves into the next generation like so much water that just never stops. Mothers of the heart if not the body." from (in)courage

To all mothers in this world, to all women who are "mothers" by proxy, wishing you blessings.

Lori xxx


Royal Wedding

Now, that was some weekend! I was delighted to be in London for the event, and what a wonderful time we had!

The atmosphere was sparkly!

We joined in with the decorations!

We ate yummy cakes!

All in all - lots of fun time!

Have a lovely week, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


much love to you all

Lori xxx