Spring and blue birds

This week I stitched a little card for my Mum's birthday. Although not quite finished, still to stitch the text, here it is:

And a single sign of spring from my garden!

Oh, and my lovely lunch today, Japanese meal, yumms!

Blessed, and wishing you the same.



Happy Valentine's Day!

Lovely day today, weather brightened up nicely, cold but sunny.

And my little Valentine's gift was:

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead,

Love, Lori xxx


Where is spring?

OK, I know I should be more patient it is only February. It has snowed again this week, and temperatures are getting to minus 5°C/23F. A cold and sharp wind is blowing. I'm keeping in today, my dearest went shopping on Thursday and got the basics, so I am only getting my nose out of door to call the tom-cat in. Stubborn tom, loves to be out, even in this weather!

So, to cheer me up, my dearest bought me a pot of mini-daffodils, my favourite spring flowers. Here is some progress on the blooms.

I am joining a new cross stitch exchange from Pretty exchanges blog, this time the theme is flowers, so you could guess what will I be requesting, if poss! Of course, you guessed, a daffodil. Pictures will follow on completion of project only, which is due in May. Check out the blog and join in if you fancy, should be fun.

I have advanced half way with the "Time for God" project and here is a picture to prove it! ;-))

Well, wishing you a warm weekend, a wonderful Valentine Day, lots of sweet surprises, and take good care,


Too big for me

"Mummy, just look at it, Grandma said it was for 6 months, and I'm not quite 4 months yet!"


Grandma's knitting

Well, a little, but I really enjoyed doing this for my grand-daughter Olivia, it is sized for 6 months, so there is plenty of time as she is just 4 months old. However, she is catching up soon, only last week I was told by her mum that she starts being tight in 3 months clothing!!

Quality control check up by my tom-cat, Baby! Ha ha, very curios of nature. ;-)

Time flies when we are enjoying ourselves!

L xxx


Weekend craft

I wanted to do a few spring cards, we are approaching fast springtime and although the weather is not yet as clement, it is as if I'm wishing spring on! So here are my two attempts to calling Spring ahead!

And a little customisation for my little one, a plain little top had a few adagios, quick 5 mins stitch and it looks so much more girlie. I also bought a few pink baby cotton tops, to "accesorize".

Maybe I need to change the buttons in pink, too. Hmmm....

Until next time, have a great weekend, and a good week ahead,


Anniversary and new sofa!

Last weekend we celebrated my godson's eight's birthday, and we had a great time.

And finally my Christmas present arrived today! Great!

Lucky me! ;-)) Too excited, must go back to try my present out again!