Stitching continued

I have just finished the 6th day of Christmas:

And the outline on the bunny is done, awaiting to know the stripes on the T-shirt, pink or blue?

Some more crochet flowers also:

Hope you all have a good week, thanks for your visit, I do appreciate your lovely comments,


And some more crochet, as well as Easter eggs

Hello dear ladies,

Just a few pics of my latest creations.

However, the Easter eggs were a wonderful gift from my friend Vali, I take no credit whatsoever.

And a very cute gift from Giani, she's so kind!

Have a good week, L xxx

Award from a dear friend

I have been given a great honour by Ania, she has always been so kind. Here goes. As far as I understand, I name other friends and pass on this lovely message. Thank you Ania for thinking of me, and thank you ladies for being good friends.
Cindy @ http://lonestarstitcherandherramblings.blogspot.com/
Marta @ http://hafcikicinka26.blox.pl/html
Dana @ http://danielasworld2008.blogspot.com/
San @ http://asasudra.blogspot.com/
Shari @ http://sharissharings.blogspot.com/

And Ania for always being inventive, kind, thoughtful and to return the same compliment, she is a very lovely friend!

Thanks to you ladies, the blog world is rich and friendly!

Love, L xxx


More crochet

I have been inspired by one of the blogs I've visited recently, and although I do not remember whose it was, I saw a little heart that caught my eye. And decided to invent my own, a little Saturday project that brightens this gloomy day, wet and quite chilly. Where is our beloved sun???

Have a warm weekend, dear visitors, and a good week ahead.



What a lovely surprise!

My neighbours just came and brought me a lovely bunch of lilac. They know only too well how much I love theirs, as it has a beautiful darker lilac colour, mine are pale lilac and white. Not that I don't like my lilac trees, but I honestly never think to cut their branches and bring a bouquet in the house. My neighbour insists I have to cut some branches, so others will come through and thicken the whole bush/tree. Now, we learn something new every day. Mental note: must start chopping at mine. Meanwhile here goes my photos, absolute beauty! A very big thanks to my neighbours, and I hope all my visitors will imagine the lovely lilac perfume in their living room, too!

Have a very nice weekend,

Neighbour's cats!

Too cute, thought they deserve a mention! The way they peep out from behind the chicken wire fence, almost hidden by lilac tree leaves, or from the safety of the porch, really made me giggle.



Hello everyone! This is my first attempt to textile decorations.

And here's my second.

My third I plan to make it in blue, but we'll have to wait a little while!

Thanks for your visit, take care and have a good week, L xxx


Some headway on WIP

Hello everyone, I do hope you had a restful Easter time, had plenty of chocs, and seen your loved ones. I have been spoilt, and I also got a good move onto my WIP (Work in progress).
Yes, Cecile, my Picasa friend, did wonder whether my 12 days of Christmas would ever be ready in time for Christmas 2010? Good question. In any case, seeing that I am always doing other things in parallel, this is what I wonder too. However, all this said, I have progressed with my 6th Day.

And I have also advanced with the bunny design for my step-daughter's baby, I still have to do the strips on the tee-shirt, only we are not sure if we will have a girl or a boy, so patience is a virtue, will it be blue or pink? And the name is not yet decided, so all in all my bunny design will be put aside, waiting for the final details.

For those of you visiting my little blog, thanks for your comments and advice.

Have a good week,


A little knitting

I feel like I'm talking to myself

I don't know why, but I'm feeling really low today. I look back on my posts and I do not seem to build any conversation with anyone, I feel that my blog interests nobody. I think I'll take a break from it, however much I love to share my little joys with the world of bloggers out there, I feel a bit left out. Perhaps my little things do not interest anyone, I am not sure how to to get across my message, I'd love to build some friendship, however I feel I am not striking the right note.

Gosh, I really feel low today.


Easter eggs and other colourful things

As promised, here are the Easter eggs we will be feasting of this year. My last trip to UK result. In France you can find loads of bunnies, bells and chicken chocs, as well as eggs, differently packed, but I felt I should stick to my tradition and have Cadbury, Nestle and M&S produce. Last year everyone had Lindt Easter bunnies, well, I just wanted a change.

And something not as edible, but perhaps as colourful: I have bought loads of wool, hoping some more ripple design will come along, as well as some crochet/knitted flowers, I have ordered a lovely book that I am so impatient to get. This has been recommended by fellow blogger Lucy and check her post to see what I mean.

Until next time, have a restful weekend,

L xxx

Easter flowers!

I was blessed with lovely sunshine today, and out came my camera. These are the flowers in my garden, and I felt so at peace there. I must admit I was troubled by news from a fellow blogger whose son narrowly escaped death by fire, so I was thinking a lot of her. If you read this, think of Cindy and say a prayer for her and her family, this was a big shock for her.

In fact we had quite a bit of sunshine this week, so I also managed to take photos in my place of work's garden. I am privileged, I must admit, I have never before had a place of work with flowers and a garden. In summer we all take our lunch out and enjoy as much sunshine as possible. Really blessed.

And today I have decorated my Easter tree, I enjoyed doing that such a lot. I trimmed some of the lilac tree branches and this is the result. I will post separately the Easter eggs. And my DH gave me a lovely bunch of daffodils, so nice and bright, I was delighted.

Hope you are all blessed with peace, joy and hope in our risen Saviour!



And the result

The ripple design is now put to practice, my first cushion cover. I am still to design the back, but I think it is colourful and very pretty!

Have a good week to all of you, and lots of sunshine!



For Lucy

This comes to show that once technique is mastered, nothing can stop me. At least that is what my husband says. And he seems very happy, as he also says it keeps me quiet! Now, that is not quite what I love to hear. However, if it makes him happy, and me too, well then, long live ripple!


Ripple delight!

Thanks to Lucy from Attic24 and her absolutely clear instructions, I have finally managed to understand properly the ripple design. I have also followed before a pattern from Henhouse, but it took me a good while to really do the decrease.

And now I am ready to do my first little cushion cover, here is the start of my project. Will let you know how it goes. I am missing some yellow, and I'm finding it difficult to find in shops. Mental note, must ask Lucy where she gets her yarn.

Until next time, have a very good weekend everyone.