More cross stitch

Advancing nicely with my 12 days, but plagued by a heavy cold, I could not even go and see my granddaughter this week, real shame. Instead my DH went over and took a video of her for me, so I could at least see her from a distance. And not to mention my daily supply of emails with photo attachments from my DiL, I do keep in touch, but really want to keep my germs to myself.

Here goes my 12th day from the series.

And a little card for a friend called Joy!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


Not Sunday roast

Instead tomatoes stuffed with beef and turkey mix, delicious!

Followed by apple tart, also scrumptious.

And I got a big pumpkin today to see if I could make some soup and other recipes found in the book my dearest bought me.

And a couple of baby clothes I bought for my little Olivia, too cute, I could not resist sharing this.

Hope your Sunday menu was as tasty as mine was!

Have a good week ahead,


More about Olivia!

Like all respectable and most eager grandparents, the moment the baby was out of hospital, seeing that we were not allowed to visit her all week due to the swine flu scare (torture!), today we were out like a shot at the parents' home.

My dearest gave me a little present to celebrate the grand-parent ship, so to speak.

Of course craft was put aside, not a tap done, but a very happy granny!

Love to all,


Welcome Olivia!

Olivia was born on 14th October at 01h30 in the morning, and we are delighted. So we are now proud grandparents, and loving every minute of it!

Here's the last finish for the little bunny I've prepared for Olivia's room.

I must admit I have not touched the 12 days of Christmas this week, but hope to get back to it shortly.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


One more finish

Nr 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas is finished, quite sweet. Well, there were some green lines on the bag pipe, but after trying it a bit, I undone it and left it plain, I did not like it the way it was finished. Perhaps not 100% Margaret Sherry's idea, but I always say that my result is personal.

Quite an autumny weekend, but had some sunshine yesterday. Last time to dry my washing outside on the line! Quite grey today, so at present I'm tucked in my little armchair stitching.

This morning we went down town to a car boot sale, where I got myself some lovely pottery, a couple of yards of lovely material to set my Christmas table with, and plenty of little bags to keep my stitching projects in, while my dearest got a few bargain books. The total came to a mere 13 euros, and I was delighted with my findings!

All in all a lovely weekend.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead, love,


Heart exchange

Kirsi so kindly organises lovely cross stitch exchanges, and the latest was a decorative heart theme. I received a beautiful heart made in Tilda style by Mirva, my ever first Tilda posession, and I absolutely adore it. I have it now in my office and see it every single day. Thank you, Mirva, it is delightful and I appreciate it greatly.

My heart was double sided and I sent it to Helena, she has no blog. I was given the tip that she likes turquoise, so I adapted a couple of designs to suit her likes, and I was told she liked it very much. My heart was intended as a pin keep.

Keep an eye out on this blog, everyone's creations are absolutely amazing!

A bientot,


Flowers and cross stitch

I got home last night to see this lovely bouquet of roses on the dinning room table, and thought myself really blessed. I am blessed with a man that knows and loves me. I am sure many of you ladies can think of your man and say the same: The Lord has blessed me! And we can all count all the lovely details in our daily lives and smile with content.

We went to a Japanese restaurant last night and I tried to take a photo of one of their decorations, but because of all the lights around, the photo did not come out as much as I wanted it to. However, it does convey that Japanese style we are all aware of, and I must say every time we go to this restaurant we come out happy. Lovely food, and above all healthy. We had a lovely relaxed moment, sharing the week's events together.

I continued this week with my 12 Days of Christmas, as I explained in my last post I skipped nr 10 because for whatever reason I do not feel it, it has not grown on me yet, and I put it aside to perhaps do last. Or, as I also mentioned, I am asking for an alternative, could any Santa helpers out there give me a hand with it? I can provide the materials, if somebody has time for it.

So I wish you all a lovely weekend, and a wonderful October. Here it is still pleasant and not too cold yet.

Take care,