Lovely heart

Ania will be so pleased to see this picture, as it was her who sent me this design. A Valentine Day decoration, I hope to finish it in time!


Crochet cover for my NT

At Christmas a friend gave me a New Testament, lovely bound, small size to have in my bag. However, I noticed it gets easily scratched with wear and tear, so I decided to make a little cover. This is it:


Valentine card is done!

And even managed to do it without him noticing, that was the hardest part:


Historical times!

Excellent yesterday, watched it on CNN live, it was great, emotional and hopeful! There will be change, that is sure.


Back from UK

As mentioned on my previous post, I was trying to get a specific design for a Valentine card, and here is my progress, not quite there yet, the background is still to be done and the details in backstitch:

And I finally backstitched the 5th day of Christmas, progress is slow with the others, but I am keeping at it in between other jobs, I am not giving up:

I was in London all last week and managed to get a pretty impressive picture, here goes:

Air traffic over the city of London is so frequent, I was amazed. The London Eye and airplane over-crossing London, each at their own speed ...


On the look out!

Trying to find this pattern to sew for Valentine's day, could anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Chart was sent, thanks to everyone looking for me. I can pass on, if anyone else interested. L xxx

A very happy new year to everyone!

My very best wishes to you all for a year filled with love, with good health, with prosperity and with many blessings in your families!

Un bon année à tous, amour, santé, prosperité et plein des bonnes choses pour vous et vos familles!

LA MULTI ANI, sanatate, prosperitate, si binecuvintari pentru voi si familiile voastre!