Cross stitch retrospective 2009

Countdown to midnight 31 Dec, and looking back onto a year filled with so many happenings!

Here's my year in cross stitch, I shall add here firstly different cross stitch cards or ornaments projects.

And then my 12 days of Christmas project, finally put together, having started it in Sept 2008.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with love, good health and of course, cross stitch!



Christmas break

Hello everyone,

I really hope you have had a wonderful Christmas time close to your dear ones! Our Christmas Eve party went very well, followed by Christmas day that was nice and quiet, so after having looked around in shops for an adequate Iphone cover, I resorted to doing my own!

Have a good break and wish you a Happy New Year.



Christmas decorations in town (2)

Lafayette gallery in all her splendour!

I am leaving you with all my very best wishes for a blessed Christmas filled with joy and love, and for good health for yourselves and your families.

Merry Christmas!

Lori xxx

Christmas decorations in town

I was walking around Paris this week and here are some of the pictures decorating nicely shop fronts. This is Printemps shop on Haussman boulevard.

L x


A lovely gift from Marta

My stitching friend Marta has so kindly sent me a beautiful array of gifts for Christmas, I honestly feel embarrassed, because my gift to her was nothing in comparison.

Always generous, A BIG THANK YOU MARTA!

And I leave you all with lovely pictures from Paris under snow!!!




I managed to put everything together, finally. Am I pleased? I am DELIGHTED! I have been listening to Christmas carols all day to help me be in the mood. This is my second banner now ready and placed in the right spot awaiting patiently Christmas Day!

I have also done a bit of crocheting, made a couple of brooches.

Hope you are all in the mood for Christmas by now, I am definitely getting there!

Wishing you a lovely week,


First part of 12 days!

Hello everyone,

A bit of patchwork this weekend, I am assembling the 12 days of Christmas, here is the first banner.

It has been a delightful project, with ups and downs, but in the end I am so glad I stuck to it.

Have a lovely week ahead, it is quite busy these parts, we have started with the usual Christmas parties at work and it starts feeling like holidays!

I leave you with another little picture for a Christmas card, I have already started sending some out, this is a late comer, but hope to have it ready for Christmas.

Best wishes,

Lori xxx