This weekend I finished a few cushions, some are to keep and some to give as present.

The lion and zebra ones are a gift for a dear friend in Guildford. My friend Mary had lived in Uganda a long while and I thought this would be a reminder of her African period. With these ones I was able to sew the contour of the lion and zebra designs, and the framed edges, it was a new technique that I am not quite sure how you call it, but I enjoyed doing it. Others like these will most likely follow, I have bought a few printed materials for Christmas, and hope to do it shortly. Can you call this patchwork? Or applique? Not sure. Even if you click on the image it does not quite show, but when you look at it, the lion and the zebra stand out a bit like a 3D image. Fun to do, in any case.

I have finally finished my matching knitted cushions for the living room.

And a small crochet one while I am learning the ripple!

May I also show you the end result for Baby's igloo, the mini blanket fits perfectly.

He seems to be comfortable in it and appreciate, so mission accomplished!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


Ooops, I did it again!

Well, I just could not resist temptation and went straight to town for some more cupcake adventure!

This time the choice was different, so here I introduce to you: Storm (Hello Kitty image), Tropicalia (chocolate topping), Fields of Joy (in the middle - pistachio colour topping), Carrot Cake (little heart decoration) and Everything's coming up Rosie ( pink flower decoration). From the same Sugar Daze, formerly known as Little Miss Cupcake! Dazzling!

What can I say, it lasted only a few minutes for the photos, and then enjoyed greatly with a nice cuppa!

So, after some careful consideration, and knowing I am now well and truly hooked, I went and bought this delightful set for mini cupcakes, in the real hope I might even bake some myself.

And not to let the side down, I spotted a few very colourful mini mugs, just right for my coffee intake.

I must admit, the weekend is wonderful and wishing you the same!

Knitting for Baby

OK, so I am teasing you a bit. By now you probably gathered my cat is called Baby. I have bought him a little winter home and he is eagerly inspecting it.

However the bottom part inside the little house is just a bit thin, that inside padded square cushion you can see there is just not thick enough, even if it will sit on the covered terrace. I have decided to quickly make a scarf like piece of knitting in denim colour Phildar wool, that will be nicely folded and fit in the igloo. Almost done with that little project.

My DH commented that I have not knitted him a a scarf in a while. I did make him one a while ago, but it must be about three years now. Oh dear!

As for my cable knitting, it gently follows on, and I am learning!

Have a good weekend, I hope to get out and about today and, who knows, I might get more cupcakes. My excuse, weekend treat!

All the best to you all,


Cupcake experience!

Maria will most likely say: again! I know Maria, and I always admire your baking, as for me I take advantage of what I have close to hand, ie Little Miss Cupcake, as I've first known her, now known as Sugar Daze.

Here is what I treated myself to yesterday: Chocolate and Coffeee Cupcake, After Eight mint cupcake, and Red Velvet cupcake (raspberry, if I remember rightly). All three were absolutely delicious, wished for much more!

Well girls, enjoy the weekend, I definitely do!



First of all I must note, it is a sad rememberance day today, I am keeping the families closely affected in my heart and prayers. May the horror of those moments be banished forever, and may we all, all over the world, be protected from harm.

I have been experimenting this week. Knitting to start with, I am learning to do cable knitting.

And for a while I wanted to learn to do crochet butterlies, here goes my first one called 3D butterfly apparently, found the pattern here: http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/butterflies.php

And my dearest Baby is inspecting my birthday roses!

Aren't they just adorable? Thanks to my dear one.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


Beautiful blogger award

Sundrana gave me this blog award. The challenge is to share 7 truths about oneself and pass the award on to 7 blogs. Thank you for the honour.

1 I had the great blessings of wonderful grandparents that brought me and my brothers up. Recently I went to say my good-byes to them. I miss them terribly.

2 I enjoy my work. To some might not be so exciting, but to me it puts everything in order. I am an accountant.

3 I am naturalised British, and I love its culture. I went through the British education system and I value it greatly.

4 I live in Paris and I enjoy this wonderful capital. I love to walk around the streets of Paris in autumn, mainly September, weather still mild, sunlight mellow.

5 I am a cupcakes fan, but to my shame I do not bake them. I am still to learn a few things in life.

6 I have always loved cats and I have one now, but I hope to have a small dog when I retire, so I could take it with me everywhere.

7 I love to sing and I belong to a choir, we've been singing for almost three years now.

Pay it forwards - here are the blogs I want to give this to.


Now off to let everyone know of their award.

Have a good week, Lori xxx