Baroque heart finished

A big thank you to Ania for sharing this chart with me, it was a pleasure to stitch and finish. x:o)) I found a square frame last week so I could immediately frame and display it!

We celebrated with strawberries! Yummy! Today we had lunch in the garden, was so lovely and mild.

Wishing you all a lovely spring! L xxx

Spring, spring, spring

A few degrees warmer, spring is finally showing it's tiny nose round the corner and shoves winter away! Yuppie! Here are the first flowers in the garden at work:

I went shopping today and could not resist these, such splendours and so bright, spring is definitely in the air! Hope to plant some coriander in the little pots.


Baroque heart and snowdrops

My baroque heart in cross stitch is not yet finished. It was meant for this Valentine Day, and although it will make a nice decoration all year round too, I am a bit sad I could not finish it in time. However, I hope to finish it soon, but here is where I got to, I've still to do the central part and the shadow.

And here are the first snowdrops in my garden, very shy. Hope they will spread more around the garden, or so I was told, this is the second year they come up, but no massive improvement, last year were still only a couple. Must get some more bulbs and plant them around the garden. A lovely sign that spring is just around the corner! :-))

Valentine roses!

I have been thoroughly spoilt for Valentine Day, my dear one is so sweet. He came home with lovely roses and champagne rosé, that I forgot to take a photo of, but the taste was wonderful! Hope you all ladies got as spoilt as I have.


Seen in Paris!

I did have a bit of a giggle, I must admit! This little lady, hardly up to my shoulder, (and I am not that tall), well into grandma's age, springing down the street in central Paris, with more zest than I had that evening! Could not help but take a picture, or two! Hope to be that agile when I get to her age... Don't you just love fashion? Everything matching! ;-)

Some crochet ...

I was given a lovely pattern by Claudia and here is the result. Well, practice makes better, my first heart was slightly tight. Hope to succeed with other colours, but seeing that Valentine Day is round the corner, I first made it red!

And this is lovely food my friend Giani made for me last Saturday, it was delicious!!



Here is the Valentine heart, I advance slowly because I stitch mainly in the evenings after work. Hope to get it done in time!

And the sky at our place a couple of nights ago, it was amazing!