On holiday until mid September!

I know I have not been awfully present on blogland recently, mainly due to being out and about with the summer time and all its related activities, but now we shall be in the south west of France, near Bordeaux, so apologies for my prolonged absence. I will be back showing you all our exploits and craft advances we made. Otherwise, if I get proper access to a WiFi, then I might let you have a peek while we're away. Fingers crossed.

Have a good twoo weeks time, filled with new things, with love and laughter, sunshine and precious moments!

Hugs, Lori xxx

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Wishing you two wonderful weeks, Lori. France is such a beautiful country, I just love strolling the gardens and the streets. Looking forward to your stories and pictures of your creations as well as your holidays xx

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Have a wonderful time! Oh southern France ~ C'est beau!

When you return, I will have started school and fall will begin.
I wish you the best time ever ~
Bon Voyage mon amie!

koralee a dit…

Hope you are enjoying yourself...what fun! xoxo