Up high

My auntie insisted we should see Paris from up high, so here are a couple of small videos of Paris from the Eiffel tower.

Hope you enjoy them,

Lori xxx

Back to my favourite past-time...

And a start to a summer postcard. Kirsi is organising a postcard exchange and I quite loved the idea.

The mystery is whom do I send this postcard to?? Will keep you informed of progress and destination! However, apologies, I cannot show the postcard until it is received by the person, so patience is a virtue!

Have a good week ahead,


Not much this week

Having visitors this week, I'm afraid my cross stitch and blogging suffers. However I enjoy visiting Paris, once again, and discovering new little corners I've not quite seen yet.

Hope to be back next week,

Lori xxx


This afternoon

This was an afternoon project, I've enjoyed stitching it very much, a first for me to do something in stitchery.

This afternoon there was a bit of sunshine, so I enjoyed taking some photos of the fresh roses just after the rain.

A good week to all of you,

7th day done!

Progress made, I am quite happy and really hope to be able to start thinking of how will I frame the 12 days. I plan to assemble it and mount it in a patchwork design.

Anyhow, this is where I am at present, hope you like these little funny designs as much as I do:

Have a good week ahead,


Patchwork cushions

My latest project, only I am still to find the back material to make up the two cushions. I am making it for a friend that spent some time in her youth in Africa, and I hope to surprise her. Here is the front side:

And some delightful patchwork material I bought today, with no project in mind, but sure it will get used somehow.

Enjoy, Lori xxx


Oh, just something funny!

Shop decorations in Paris can be sometimes real funny! Here goes "Printemps" fashion in May, but please don't ask me why coloured bunnies, I've absolutely no idea. They were so many colours, only I could not photograph all because of shop window mirror image. Probably at night time would be OK to take pictures, but daylight plays with street reflections, so that is all I could take accurately to reflect the mood on Haussman boulevard.

I had a smile! ;-)

Weekend flowers

Hello everyone,

We had delightful weather this weekend, and roses galore! I enjoyed walking around the district and peeping out in people's gardens, and this is what I've discovered.

As for these, they are from a friend's garden I visited on Saturday, it was extremely pleasant and refreshing at hers.

And these are other enchanting flowers in my district, I love walking about and getting ideas from the neighbours.

Finally, my cross stitch WIP on the 7th day of the 12 days of Christmas, almost finished, still to sew the outlines.

Hope you are all enjoying the charms of summer showing up her pretty face!

Have a great week,