Scary? Not really! We had a bit of a laugh after work in the bar, stayed for one cocktail called Black Cat, coke and cherry brandy, not a very happy mixture, did not enjoy really. Cold wintry evening, just to accompany the kids on the streets asking meanly: Trick or treat! Got in the house and enjoyed the warmth, my real black cat and the telly, after a delicious pizza and apple tart!!!


And something funny I saw in Paris:

Been shopping

Just picked up a few books, went to a English book sale. A few classics, like Shakespeare and Dickens, some newer like Kathy Reich and Vikram Seth. Lovely weather today, must be aproaching 20°C, so it was also a nice walk. Here are a few photos I've taken this week, autumn is wonderful!!

One mighty cow, flowery and joyfull!

One of my latest cross stitch creation, should become a Christmas card! Eventually ....

Just starting ...

So this is my blog. Hmm, let's start with something I like. Cross stitch. Photography. Books.

Will try to attach some of my creations here.