8th day of Christmas

... is finally finished! It took me a while, with a lot of interruptions. Four left to stitch!

Yuppie!!! L xx


Surprise gift!

Marta, my cross stitch internet friend, has so kindly sent me such a delightful gift, a CD where she recorded a vast array of cross stitch from magazines, kits she bought, etc, and sent it to me accompanied by a delightful "cup of coffee" biscornu, colourful thread and a cross stitch flower card kit.

I am overwhelmed by her generosity, sharing so many designs with me, and I am bound to leap onto some amazing designs and cross stitch them.


Best wishes,


Cow progress!

However I know I shall most likely finish it next week, as I have guests over the full weekend, and time to stitch will be spare.

Never mind, I'll enjoy chats with friends instead. Hope you will all have a very nice weekend, L xx


Design for a small card

A quick stitch today, I enjoyed doing this, L x


More stitching

Getting back to my 12 Days of Christmas and hoping to finish the series in time for Christmas!!

Have a lovely weekend,


Small weekend projects

Just a bit of crochet this weekend, while enjoying the good weather in our garden and a friend's garden.

Enjoy the rest of the week,

14 July Bastille Day

Although not the display I am seeing presently (this is a video made a couple of years ago, but very like the images I see at the moment), a similar show just passed above our house just now. Magnificent display!

And I've just managed to find the one from this morning on the internet, enjoy.

L x


It's going to be a ...

... GIRL!!!

I did mention I'm going to be a granny, did I not? This is my latest on the WIP for her bedroom.

Still to add the name and date of birth, late October.

Getting back to my favourite pastime.

Lori xxx

Found on my travels

I have just put together a couple of mosaics of some of the sights we found on our little walks around the district.

Have a very happy summer,

Love, Lori xxx

I continue to have guests

and unfortunately have not been much on the internet. Hope to come back soon to update with a bit of cross stitching I have managed to do in between visits around the town.

Have a lovely weekend, Lori xxxx