7th day from the 12 days of Christmas

Well, I know it is slow, however it continues. My latest pics from the series:

Have a good week everyone,



Rain and roses

Hello everyone,

Weather has been very wet this weekend, but despite this we managed to get some tidying in the garden done, braved the big crowded supermarket for some food and even done some housework! Phew! Just to show you our lovely roses coming up nicely:

And I have bought the material for a small project, to complete Daniela's gift, the Easter decoration in cross stitch:

Hope you are also enjoying your weekend!



Practising flowers

Hello everyone, I must admit, I have not done a lot of work done this week, however my greatest joy was to receive a book I ordered from Amazon about 6 weeks ago, and it finally arrived. Lesley Stanfield's "100 flowers to knit & crochet", an excellent book indeed.

My very first attempt to make a daffodil and here is the result.

And still practising some of the other flowers, the two flower broach is very popular at work, I made yet one more for a colleague's birthday.

And some smaller version of these flowers in multi coloured thread.

Wishing you all a very good week ahead, and thanks for visiting my blog.


Travelling around

Yesterday we took advantage of the lovely weather and went an hour or so to a place called Provin, south east from Paris.

Really quiet streets, we enjoyed the calm and ate pancakes in a small restaurant.

We had a lovely relaxed walk about the town before we pushed even further to another place called Troyes.

You really had to lift your eyes in this town to see some sweet details:

All in all a lovely day out, discovering these beauties.

L xxx

A gift from Daniela

Daniela from "a piece of life", has kindly sent me some very nice work she had done, it really makes me wish I could work more with material. However, I do not have her inspiration, nor her talent, so the result would really be far far off.

Thank you do much my dear Dana, you are a gem! This textile postcard is so nicely put together, an excellent idea!

Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks for looking in to my ramblings,

Best wishes,