Some WIP

I have been quite busy lately with work, so my WIP for pleasure suffered a bit, but here are my latest activities:

a string of beads for a colleague and friend

some progress with my bunny design

and a return to my 12 days of Christmas (I must finish it this year!).

Wishing you all a very good week ahead!


Five o'clock tea time!

In the true British fashion, I made a lovely pot of tea and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine in the garden, absolutely gorgeous spring weather. And here are the pictures to prove it. Going, going, gone ... Delicious!

OK, so I did use my Christmas crockery upon a seaside table cover, which truly did not match, but the contentment was great, I'll be more refined next time. ;-)

Have a good week everyone, L xxx

Weekend lovelies!

I had a lovely weekend with a friend from Liverpool, it was delightful. Lots of talk, walks, visits around Paris. A bit of hand craft, but not as much as other weekends. We had delightful weather, managed to eat out in our garden, took coffee on restaurant's terraces, and really relaxed.

Here are this weekend's flowers:

Oh, and a bit of ripple, still learning!

As well as an idea for granny crochet, perhaps one day I shall crochet/knit this design:

Hope you all had a sunny relaxed weekend, L xxx


Back to crochet and signs of spring

I was looking at Lucy's blog, so much colour, it really gave me the desire to learn to crochet some new patterns. This is my first Granny Square, and I followed Lucy's tutorial from Attic24, she is an expert :

And this comes from Daniela, she kindly gave me the instructions :

I am still to learn the ripple design, I tried today, but have not mastered yet. Here is Hen's advice on ripple crochet, with pictures and all.

And these are the daffodils I planted this year and last year's ones just popping out, see photo right after. Spring is definitely in the air!


Bunny design

I have started a new cross stitch project, a little bunny.

However, I am also trying to get back to crochet. Would love to learn the ripple design, something like this.

I also bought a cross stitch book, with some lovely charts, see for yourselves. I will hope to stitch some of these.


Ladybird and clover card

Having asked a few of my cross stitch forum friends for a biscornu pattern, I could not find anyone who had the chart. I have finally designed my own, as I wanted to make a small card for an Irish friend, St Patrick's Day is coming soon and it will please her ho have this design.

Not as sunny today, but still mild, spring is definitely in the air. Hope you all have a good Sunday!