Present for baby

I have made a little heart for a colleague of mine, and she enjoyed the little marking of her daughter's birth.

How beautiful this little bundle of joy, holding her father's finger!

Life is full of wonders!

Love, Lori xxx


Been a while!

We have returned from our travels, but unfortunately we're back to work and very busy. And needles to say, I have stitched less, too busy visiting people.

Made a few cards for some friends, as you can see.

I hope to start on some knitting soon, and hope to post again some more photos.

Apologies for my short note, I am so tired. :-(

Hope to return shortly, have a good weekend,

Lori xxx


On holiday!

No more post for a couple of weeks, but will be back ASAP with some more of my cross stitch.

Have a lovely summer time everyone,

Lori xxx