Been a while!

We have returned from our travels, but unfortunately we're back to work and very busy. And needles to say, I have stitched less, too busy visiting people.

Made a few cards for some friends, as you can see.

I hope to start on some knitting soon, and hope to post again some more photos.

Apologies for my short note, I am so tired. :-(

Hope to return shortly, have a good weekend,

Lori xxx

4 commentaires:

Mylene a dit…

I Love your finishes! May i know where does this flower alphabets came from? I mean is it from a magazine? Thanks.

Shari a dit…

those are adorable!!!!! I love them...like Mylene said....where are they from?? I am guessing a British magazine!!!!

Maria a dit…

Welcome back Lori!
Your sweet needle work is lovely~
Enjoy a restful weekend!

Lori's page a dit…

It was sent to me from a British friend, yes, it is a British magazine, anyone wants it? I can forward by email, but need personal email address. L xxx