Just to say ...

... I am on holiday for two weeks, and unfortunately I am not sure I will be able to access the internet, so I am wishing you ladies a very good time in my absence, and I surely will post some nice photos on return to show you the beauties of south Britanny, a region called Morbihan.

See you soon,

Lori xxx


Birthday project

A friend of mine from Germany celebrates her birthday shortly, so I thought a little pin-keep heart would be a nice present. She always enjoys hand made stuff, so I hope this will make her day, too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend!

Hope you all have a good week, L x


Back to 12 Days of Christmas

I have been stitching a birthday present, that I cannot just yet show because it is a surprise, but I have also managed to keep up with the 12 days, here's my latest progress.

Enjoy the weekend, L xxx


Card exchange

Kirsi has kindly sent me a beautiful cross stitched postcard, it was a wonder the French postal let it get through. They can be rather bureaucratic, but this time it arrived nicely in my post box. Many thanks Kirsi, this is such a delightful design, I love it such a lot, and the added button made a fine feature on it.

And this is the card I have sent Kirsi in exchange.

Hope you will all have a good weekend, enjoy summer!


Jam and heart

Hello again,

The other day we were out picking blackberries, and I forgot to take a photo of them, shame! However, here is my attempt of making jam, and it came out really well, I was amazed at myself. I actually took all the seeds out and made blackberry jelly. I even had the right jar to put it in! I made five little jars, and we already finished one, LOL!

Otherwise I tried to do a heart pin cushion, I am no expert and it is not 100%, but I will still use it.

Have a great week ahead,




Check out Lori, my namesake, and celebrate with her the 1st year of blogging! Lovely give away! Photo is courtesy of her blog!


Another project

I have recently seen a lovely decoration on the internet, and I thought one day I would do it, but I obviously had no chart. However, the other day I looked at it on screen and managed to sketch it in my notebook. Here is the result, and there is no specific destination for it (in case Kirsi wondered ). I love hearts and I always make them in advance for friends and family cards.

This is the first time I did not use Aida material like I do for cross stitch, but some left over material from a friend's curtain (OK you can stop smiling now!). She asked me to shorten it and I was left with a piece, that I thought one day would come in handy. Well, it proved right and I am a "happy bunny".

Wishing you a productive week.



Weekend project

This weekend theme was : cards! Indeed, I started a cross stitch little one, and finished a stitchery one I did a few weeks ago. All in all a very nice weekend, with a barbecue slid in between other activities, usual shopping, housework, etc. Time flies off too fast for me.

Stitchery card:

And cross stitch card:

Have a good week ahead, love, Lori xxx