Jam and heart

Hello again,

The other day we were out picking blackberries, and I forgot to take a photo of them, shame! However, here is my attempt of making jam, and it came out really well, I was amazed at myself. I actually took all the seeds out and made blackberry jelly. I even had the right jar to put it in! I made five little jars, and we already finished one, LOL!

Otherwise I tried to do a heart pin cushion, I am no expert and it is not 100%, but I will still use it.

Have a great week ahead,


2 commentaires:

meririm a dit…

och Lori! I love blackberries! I always associate blackberries with the childhood!


Cindy F. a dit…

I bet taking the seeds out took forever!! Your jam looks sooo good:)

You are very brave to try to sew a heart and you did a very good job!!