On holiday until mid September!

I know I have not been awfully present on blogland recently, mainly due to being out and about with the summer time and all its related activities, but now we shall be in the south west of France, near Bordeaux, so apologies for my prolonged absence. I will be back showing you all our exploits and craft advances we made. Otherwise, if I get proper access to a WiFi, then I might let you have a peek while we're away. Fingers crossed.

Have a good twoo weeks time, filled with new things, with love and laughter, sunshine and precious moments!

Hugs, Lori xxx


Been busy, but I'm still around :-)

Despite the chilly weather in July, and same still in August, I am keeping busy, with friends, with work and craft. Nice busy!

I enjoyed sewing "applique" style for a new baby blanket.

I put together this little baby cardigan

I am sewing another baby cross stitch frame, WIP

I have met friends for picnics and meals

I have enjoyed my little angel

Wishig you all a busy summer time filled with precious memories,

Love, Lori xxx