Another project

I have recently seen a lovely decoration on the internet, and I thought one day I would do it, but I obviously had no chart. However, the other day I looked at it on screen and managed to sketch it in my notebook. Here is the result, and there is no specific destination for it (in case Kirsi wondered ). I love hearts and I always make them in advance for friends and family cards.

This is the first time I did not use Aida material like I do for cross stitch, but some left over material from a friend's curtain (OK you can stop smiling now!). She asked me to shorten it and I was left with a piece, that I thought one day would come in handy. Well, it proved right and I am a "happy bunny".

Wishing you a productive week.


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Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Thank you so much for visiting my Gratitude blog~
Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience site has so much encouragement for me...

I love your cross stitching card idea...
There is one project I must finish before the fall... It's called "Lady in Red" by Valerie Pfeiffer... a pretty little cardinal. It's funny though... female cardinals are not really that red... they're mostly grayish-tan...with a splash of red.

So nice to meet you ~ Maria
Bon Soir!