Weekend flowers

Hello everyone,

We had delightful weather this weekend, and roses galore! I enjoyed walking around the district and peeping out in people's gardens, and this is what I've discovered.

As for these, they are from a friend's garden I visited on Saturday, it was extremely pleasant and refreshing at hers.

And these are other enchanting flowers in my district, I love walking about and getting ideas from the neighbours.

Finally, my cross stitch WIP on the 7th day of the 12 days of Christmas, almost finished, still to sew the outlines.

Hope you are all enjoying the charms of summer showing up her pretty face!

Have a great week,

3 commentaires:

san a dit…

Oh, the calla lilies and red currants! Currants are just blooming here.

I love your swimming bird. Do you plan to make all twelve days?

Oltea a dit…

Sunt fantastic de frumosi trandairii. Duc dorul unei gradini , cred ca nu ai avea loc de pus piciorul asa de multe flori as planta. Aici avem magazinul Plantagen , un fel de supermarkett al florilor si nu-ti spun ce delectare si ce relasch cand merg acolo. Anul acesta am lasat acolo 60 euro doar pe cateva flori caci nu am putut lasa balconul chel pe timp de vara, chiar daca nu e prea insorita vremea aici si apoi, ne-au "AMENINTAT DIN NOU" CA IN AUGUST VINE RECONSTRUCTIA. O sa vedem, pana una alta eu ma bucur de gavanoasele cu flori pe balcon.

Cindy F. a dit…

Beautiful flowers!!
Day 7 is almost finished!! Very cute!