Back home

Although we have been back a week now, I seem to be on a slow mood, and have not yet got my thoughts together. Please forgive my delay.

If you however fancy having a glimpse at my holiday pics, you can find them here. What can I say, it's been much fun, we were realy and truly blessed.

Before I go I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my blog friend Marta for her kind birthday gift, I am sure I'll use all those cuties for card making:

Hugs to you all, have a good week ahead, hope to come back soon when I get my strength back.

Lori xxx

2 commentaires:

Cinka26 a dit…

I'm glad that you like it :o) All the best


Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Welcome back!
Your vacation was so incredibly beautiful! I'm glad you enjoyed it and traveled safely.
We are in the midst of a kitchen redo ~ dust is everywhere and there's lots to do before Saturday when the installers come!
Better get some sleep ~ there's work all day and sheet-rocking the walls all night!
*have a sweet new week back home*