Some updates

My latest knitting project has been the baby blanket for Maxim, due to be born some time end September - October.

I think my step-daughter will like this, as she will also fit in with her son!

And I also finished one cross stitch project, same destination, awaiting birth date to be added to desing and then will be framed for baby's room!

Back to some work, on to a second baby cross stitch design, will show you later.

Have a good week everyone,

Lori xx

2 commentaires:

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori! The summer is speeding by! We've been soooo busy traveling and doggie sitting for our daughters. Right now we have 4 dogs in the house! Our old little dog, Misty, has been "hiding out" in the bathroom LOL

Your knitting projects always inspire me ... I need to find my crocheting- I started a project before Texas - but left it behind since I didn't think security would let me pass with the hook!

Your needlepoint work Is wonderful too! Giraffes are such beautiful creatures.
Lori, I hope you are enjoying summer -'the sunshine, flowers, and warm weather. (not too warm though, it's going to be another super hot one again today!!

Bless you always, Lori,

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

It IS beautiful, Lori. I had a lot of cream colors too for my babies. Are you enjoying Summer? Well it is rather chilly, isn't it.
Three more weeks of children holidays and then we will all get back to 'normal life', to everyday's life.
Love to you, sweet Lori xxx