Summer's here!

And when summer comes, we are out and about!

I was sharing and loving yesterday with family and friends, the sun was out, and life was beautiful!

Little ladybird came to visit my plate:

No wonder, with such yummies in sight:

Harvest from the garden:

Thank you Lord for these precious moments.

Wishing you all the same, moments to be remembered with much love in the years to come!


Lori xxx

3 commentaires:

l.wilks11 a dit…

What a happy person you are.Thats just how i feel when summer is here.....
Like you i love to grow all my own vegetables.....
Please follow my blog and take a look at my last post . My Secret Garden i think you will like what you see....x

l.wilks11 a dit…

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I would love you to follow me . At the moment i have 13 followers it would be nice to have 14. Hope you will follow me ....x

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori! Wow... your gardens are way ahead of ours... no flowers on our zuchini plants yet!

Your family gathering looked lovely! Lots of hugs going on ~ which is the most important thing in life!

It's so nice getting hugs here with Jason! We just love being with him ♥
Have a beautiful week, Lori!