Ooops, I did it again!

Well, I just could not resist temptation and went straight to town for some more cupcake adventure!

This time the choice was different, so here I introduce to you: Storm (Hello Kitty image), Tropicalia (chocolate topping), Fields of Joy (in the middle - pistachio colour topping), Carrot Cake (little heart decoration) and Everything's coming up Rosie ( pink flower decoration). From the same Sugar Daze, formerly known as Little Miss Cupcake! Dazzling!

What can I say, it lasted only a few minutes for the photos, and then enjoyed greatly with a nice cuppa!

So, after some careful consideration, and knowing I am now well and truly hooked, I went and bought this delightful set for mini cupcakes, in the real hope I might even bake some myself.

And not to let the side down, I spotted a few very colourful mini mugs, just right for my coffee intake.

I must admit, the weekend is wonderful and wishing you the same!

2 commentaires:

Maria a dit…

Fun post title Lori!
and look at those adorably designed cupcakes!
I'm trying to decide which one I would try first...Probably Fields of Joy... That looks delicious!

I also read your previous post about Baby kitty :o)
Love her little house and the sweet knitting you have going! The royal blue color is ROYALLY beautiful!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend... My husband and I just got back from a huge wedding! It's late ... but now I'm wide awake ~ My father's birthday party is tomorrow... so lots of fun this weekend. I'm baking a very large apple pie {his favorite} as his birthday "cake."
We have all the apples cut, but I want the crust to be nice and fresh so, I'm getting up early to finish it...
Have a sweet Sunday, Lori!
~blessings to you~

Sugar Daze a dit…

Thank you so much for this lovely write-up! I look forward to seeing what you bake up with that adorable cupcake set. Thanks so much again for coming by yesterday! Cat x