Knitting for Baby

OK, so I am teasing you a bit. By now you probably gathered my cat is called Baby. I have bought him a little winter home and he is eagerly inspecting it.

However the bottom part inside the little house is just a bit thin, that inside padded square cushion you can see there is just not thick enough, even if it will sit on the covered terrace. I have decided to quickly make a scarf like piece of knitting in denim colour Phildar wool, that will be nicely folded and fit in the igloo. Almost done with that little project.

My DH commented that I have not knitted him a a scarf in a while. I did make him one a while ago, but it must be about three years now. Oh dear!

As for my cable knitting, it gently follows on, and I am learning!

Have a good weekend, I hope to get out and about today and, who knows, I might get more cupcakes. My excuse, weekend treat!

All the best to you all,

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