This weekend I finished a few cushions, some are to keep and some to give as present.

The lion and zebra ones are a gift for a dear friend in Guildford. My friend Mary had lived in Uganda a long while and I thought this would be a reminder of her African period. With these ones I was able to sew the contour of the lion and zebra designs, and the framed edges, it was a new technique that I am not quite sure how you call it, but I enjoyed doing it. Others like these will most likely follow, I have bought a few printed materials for Christmas, and hope to do it shortly. Can you call this patchwork? Or applique? Not sure. Even if you click on the image it does not quite show, but when you look at it, the lion and the zebra stand out a bit like a 3D image. Fun to do, in any case.

I have finally finished my matching knitted cushions for the living room.

And a small crochet one while I am learning the ripple!

May I also show you the end result for Baby's igloo, the mini blanket fits perfectly.

He seems to be comfortable in it and appreciate, so mission accomplished!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

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Maria a dit…

Wow, Lori, Your projects look great!
Love the pillow and they do look 3-D when I enlarge the photo...
The knitted pillows look so soft and cuddly...
Your kitty seems to really like it!
Hope your new week is wonderful!
Bless you ~

Kirsi a dit…

Beautiful cushions! Did you really knit the white and beige yourself! And the pale blue, so cute.

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

The cushions are perfectly pretty. Always add some extra cushions to my couch in Fall and Winter time!
I do love your side bar as well, the four pics with month and year are great!!
Have a happy weekend, Lori xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bon matin Lori, I cannot find the button to follow your lovely blog... where oh where is it ;)

Bonne Samedi xx