Easter weekend

Hello again,

I'm away from home but brought my little laptop with me, as well as my camera and my works in progress, so that I could still keep updated on Facebook and blog world!

I have been quite busy: sewing, and the project is advancing nicely, and knitting! Yes, I managed to fit in some, I am trying to make a cushion cover. I have been looking for a while now for some nice cushion covers to go with my new sofa, remember my Christmas present? It is always hard to find the right colours and a design you really like, and in the end I've thought of knitting some while I'm still looking for some nice material to pop up. I might sew some cushion covers afterwards, if I find something I like. But meanwhile, here is my work, almost done the front.

This week we had a very nice treat at a famous Parisian tea-room (Salon de thé) called "Angelina", you can appreciate the beauty of our breakfast!

And I leave you with Easter wishes for a blessed weekend, may you be close to God and be filled with His love.

Take good care,

2 commentaires:

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Oh I do love to leave a message en français!
Your knitting project is parfait! I've seen "sweater" covers for pillows and they look so very cozy.

Angelina's breakfast is also parfait!
Thank you so much for the beautiful Easter wishes~
May we always be aware of the Good Shepherd's love ♥ Maria

Mylene a dit…

Lovely flowers!

A happy and a blessed Easter.