It's been a while

Hello blog world,

I have been busy sewing my flower project, but unfortunately I am not allowed to show you until May, sorry.

However, here is another progress in my home, for the first time I bought a hyacinth bulb and saw it gradually transformed into a beautiful flower.

And some lovely flowers I got at work this week.

Life is busy, life is wonderful.

Speak again soon,

2 commentaires:

Shari a dit…

beautiful flowers!! Nice picture of you!!!! I have missed your posts!

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
I just love tulips. This is the time of year for them and they bring such smiles to all~
I can never decide which color to buy... I love them all!
You look so happy and pretty in the photo! I'm sure the flowers have added a lovely mood of springtime to the air!
Enjoy the coming week and Happy Easter to you!