Cupcake adventure

Well, I finally found the courage to throw myself at the deep end! I don't cook that much, so this is new to me! Carrot cupcake and cheesecake icing! Must be French. Or American? British?

Whatever, the taste is delicious. It involves soft cheese and icing sugar and it gives a lovely sour-ish sweet taste. And the carrot cake recipe involves, apart from the obvious: grated carrots, wall nut and pineapple, it gives a scrumptious texture.

Well for a first timer, I would say it did not go that bad.

And my cushion cover is finished. Front and back pictures:

As for my sunflower project, I am still not able to show off just yet. Patience, May is just round the corner!

Until next time,


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Maria a dit…

Good morning Lori!
Carrot cake cupcakes have so many favorite flavors in them. If I add nuts to anything, it's a favorite :o)

Your sweater pillow came great! It's such an accomplishment to finish a project...and so much satisfaction!
...especially when it comes out so nice, like your pillow!
Have a wonderful week ~ A la prochaine fois! Maria