Heart exchange

Kirsi so kindly organises lovely cross stitch exchanges, and the latest was a decorative heart theme. I received a beautiful heart made in Tilda style by Mirva, my ever first Tilda posession, and I absolutely adore it. I have it now in my office and see it every single day. Thank you, Mirva, it is delightful and I appreciate it greatly.

My heart was double sided and I sent it to Helena, she has no blog. I was given the tip that she likes turquoise, so I adapted a couple of designs to suit her likes, and I was told she liked it very much. My heart was intended as a pin keep.

Keep an eye out on this blog, everyone's creations are absolutely amazing!

A bientot,

3 commentaires:

Agutka05 a dit…

Lovely heart!

Kirsi a dit…

You got a lovely heart! Ans yours is also lovely, I have seen it!

Cindy F. a dit…

2 pretty hearts:) Nice exchanges!