One more finish

Nr 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas is finished, quite sweet. Well, there were some green lines on the bag pipe, but after trying it a bit, I undone it and left it plain, I did not like it the way it was finished. Perhaps not 100% Margaret Sherry's idea, but I always say that my result is personal.

Quite an autumny weekend, but had some sunshine yesterday. Last time to dry my washing outside on the line! Quite grey today, so at present I'm tucked in my little armchair stitching.

This morning we went down town to a car boot sale, where I got myself some lovely pottery, a couple of yards of lovely material to set my Christmas table with, and plenty of little bags to keep my stitching projects in, while my dearest got a few bargain books. The total came to a mere 13 euros, and I was delighted with my findings!

All in all a lovely weekend.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead, love,

2 commentaires:

Shari a dit…

love the stitching finish!!!! And great bargain finds!!!!!

Cindy F. a dit…

WooHoo!! #11 is finished! Congrats! Too cute:)
and what GREAT finds...pottery, bags!
My kind of day!