Flowers and cross stitch

I got home last night to see this lovely bouquet of roses on the dinning room table, and thought myself really blessed. I am blessed with a man that knows and loves me. I am sure many of you ladies can think of your man and say the same: The Lord has blessed me! And we can all count all the lovely details in our daily lives and smile with content.

We went to a Japanese restaurant last night and I tried to take a photo of one of their decorations, but because of all the lights around, the photo did not come out as much as I wanted it to. However, it does convey that Japanese style we are all aware of, and I must say every time we go to this restaurant we come out happy. Lovely food, and above all healthy. We had a lovely relaxed moment, sharing the week's events together.

I continued this week with my 12 Days of Christmas, as I explained in my last post I skipped nr 10 because for whatever reason I do not feel it, it has not grown on me yet, and I put it aside to perhaps do last. Or, as I also mentioned, I am asking for an alternative, could any Santa helpers out there give me a hand with it? I can provide the materials, if somebody has time for it.

So I wish you all a lovely weekend, and a wonderful October. Here it is still pleasant and not too cold yet.

Take care,

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Cindy F. a dit…

Oh WOW!!! GORGEOUS Roses!!! What a wonderful, dear, sweet husband:)
and Japanese too! Heaven:)

what does #10 look like??
I'd volunteer to help AFTER Christmas;)
Great progress on #11.