I feel like I'm talking to myself

I don't know why, but I'm feeling really low today. I look back on my posts and I do not seem to build any conversation with anyone, I feel that my blog interests nobody. I think I'll take a break from it, however much I love to share my little joys with the world of bloggers out there, I feel a bit left out. Perhaps my little things do not interest anyone, I am not sure how to to get across my message, I'd love to build some friendship, however I feel I am not striking the right note.

Gosh, I really feel low today.

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san a dit…

I feel like this at times. Not about blogging usually, but generally in life. You need to explore those feelings but let them pass :)

Maybe people haven't found your blog? I just found you and I am sure to come back :)

Cindy F. a dit…

Lori! Please don't stop blogging! I love your blog! I think what's happening is we get so busy...especially in the spring and summer, we barely have time to read blogs, much less leave comments. I got so behind because of family matters, I had to scan about 400 over the last 2 weeks without commenting. If I didn't, I never get my washing done...lol!!
Your blog is wonderful and I really enjoy it...so don't you stop! In fact, please visit http://sharissharings.blogspot.com/
This is a blogging friend who feels the same way...she doesn't feel she gets many visitors. If you visit her, she'll find yours too! (((HUGS)))

Shari a dit…

Hi Lori,
I feel the same way so often. It seems some people get oodles of comments & I don't get a whole lot & wonder like you...does anyone read my posts!?!?!
I was introduced to your blog by Cindy, so take heart & know I will check in!!!!