Signs of spring!

Just to send you hugs to all of you, so sorry I am still not feeling that good yet, but enjoying some of this mild weather!

Have a good weekend, I apologise for my lack of participation lately, hope will soon be able to come back fully.

Take care,

Lori xxx

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Oh dearest sweet Lori, I do hope you will feel better soon. Our mild weather will have a good influence. These yellow beauties are about to pop in my garden too. The first signs of spring indeed, Spring is just around the corner.
Tomorrow we will have our family coming over, 22 persons, 14 children and 8 grown ups, oh and 2 dogs too. There is a lot of yellow decorating my home.
Have a lovely evening and a bon dimanche, ma chère Lori xxxx

Kirsi a dit…

You really have those signs of spring??!! We have snow. And some more snow. I really want spring to come!!

Mylene a dit…

Beautiful spring pics!!

ria a dit…


Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Sending you a big wish for getting well!
A spring cold is always tough since the weather changes so dramatically during these months and it's difficult for us to keep up!

You and Saskia are inspiring yellow this week! I have pink tulips on my table...but the theme of yellow brings happiness to me!
Wishing you well ♥ and a speedy recovery!
xoxo*xoxo ~ Maria

m.e (Cathie) a dit…

hope you are feeling better Lori.
those spring pics are absolutely beautiful. we are into autumn & the cold has begun.

wishing you a wonderful weekend ♥