To rescue Alex

Meet Alex. Belonging to a colleague, it has the amazing age of 38! My colleague got it for her daughter, and now two delightful grandaughters would like to play with Alex.

Only poor Alex has been through a few washing loads, spins and lots of soap bubbles, and is wearing a bit thin. He's had a few "interventions", but this time really he needs a major one, a real change.

I was asked if I can get him a little coat, to help him pass a few more years yet. Well, here's the result.

Been under the weather lately and the only thing I could to while in bed was to knit.

Hope my colleague will like Alex in his new coat, a Monday surprise!

Have a restful weekend,

2 commentaires:

Maria a dit…

Oh Lori, I'm smiling over here... This is such a cute post! Your hand knit sweater for Alex is perfect! it is also the perfect thing to wear over here... it snowed a foot today! so much snow, so much shoveling! We had so much snow, the airport closed!
So, today, Maria had her sweater on too! Lambswool - perfect for a winter chill.
Alex looks happier already!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend... hoping you're well and rested ~

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Look at adorable Alex! Your sweater turned out perfectly pretty for this cute little Guy. The color of the yarn is beautiful too. I like your idea of bringing renewed Alex to his mum on Monday at work, that is oh so sweet.
Saturday morning, early early morning ..... In a few hours we are off to Brugge in Belgium to spend two nights. It Will be fun!
Have a most wonderful weekend too, dearest Lori xxxx