As I arrived home back from work tonight, I saw that Mr Postman came by with a lovely surprise for me! Maria, my blogland friend, has so kindly and generously offered me this:

My dear Maria, how well you know me, I just love cupcakes! Well, I think it means I should cook some, lovely hint!

Thanks for your New Year wishes and wishing you the same in return, love, joy, peace and zillions of blessings!

Love, Lori xxx

2 commentaires:

Maria a dit…

Oh I'm so glad you received my little treats... I remembered how you love cupcakes ♥
Wishing you the best year ever ~
with lots of
hope and
*blessings for you, always


Kirsi a dit…

What a lovely cupcakes :) I have finished my favorite flower exchange, please see on the Pretty exchanges blog or my own blog. How about you? If you have finished your daffodil, it would be nice to see a picture of it.

And Happy New Year!