A new start!

Once upon a time a blogland friend, Shari, was showing a "First of the Year" project, giving grace for the blessings of the past and the ones awaiting afresh!

Well, I thought that was a wonderful way to start the year, commending your first piece of work to God's grace. Here's mine this new year 2011, work still in progress:

I don't normally have New Year Resolutions, however this year I would like to concentrate on people that matter to me most!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year, filled with love, good health and blessings in abundance, and many new projects you will be satisfied with.

My blogland friend Saskia had a wonderful saying:
"Simply become who you are"

Saskia was right, give of yourselves generously in love to those who matter to you most, and this will allow you to become who you are! Thank you Saskia, and by the way, I love the idea of your "mood board", might develop in my home too!
I know, I'm copying!

Have a good weekend,


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Maria a dit…

Good day, Lori!
Love your comments for today! Saskia has such a sweet soul. I love her quote ~
My father always says "Know who you are and then the pieces of your life will fit very well."
Beautiful thoughts for today ~
Wishing you a grand weekend dear ♥
*blessings always*

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonjour dearest sweet Lori, you made a gorgeous post here! You should do the mood board. I bought a piece of soft board in the handy shop, pinned it to the wall and started covering it with all kinds of loveliness. I also pinned a few of your happily colored heart pins on it ^_^
Tres bon lundi, ma chere amie Beaucoup de bisous xxxx