Beautiful blogger award

Sundrana gave me this blog award. The challenge is to share 7 truths about oneself and pass the award on to 7 blogs. Thank you for the honour.

1 I had the great blessings of wonderful grandparents that brought me and my brothers up. Recently I went to say my good-byes to them. I miss them terribly.

2 I enjoy my work. To some might not be so exciting, but to me it puts everything in order. I am an accountant.

3 I am naturalised British, and I love its culture. I went through the British education system and I value it greatly.

4 I live in Paris and I enjoy this wonderful capital. I love to walk around the streets of Paris in autumn, mainly September, weather still mild, sunlight mellow.

5 I am a cupcakes fan, but to my shame I do not bake them. I am still to learn a few things in life.

6 I have always loved cats and I have one now, but I hope to have a small dog when I retire, so I could take it with me everywhere.

7 I love to sing and I belong to a choir, we've been singing for almost three years now.

Pay it forwards - here are the blogs I want to give this to.


Now off to let everyone know of their award.

Have a good week, Lori xxx

4 commentaires:

Maria a dit…

Merci, Merci, Merci!
I just posted about this lovely award, Lori!
Vous êtes très sympatique!!!


Rhondi a dit…

Hi Lori
Thank you very much for the lovely award. I am honored that you would think of me! I am not going to pass it on because there are so many others I can't possibly just pick only a few.
I see that you live in Paris!! I love Paris and have been there several times but it has been many years since I last visited. What a beautiful city.
Merci, Rhondi

Lori's page a dit…

Yes, Rhondi, you are right, I had a difficult time choosing only 7 for the award, and in fact I squeezed in one more, just because 7 choices are really not sufficient, 8 neither, but I bent the rules enough this time. Next time will be a another list, each to be mentioned in their turn, for filling my life with lovely moments. Have a blessed day, Lori xxx

koralee a dit…

I just had to pop over and meet you...came from sweet Maria's blog..she is a dear.

Off to read some of your posts.xo