From a little walk in Paris and enjoying summer!

PS. Not my car, seen in central Paris.

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Maria a dit…

Oh Lori! Cupcakes are the rave in Paris too!?!
It's all about cupcakes here in the States...
I have to admit... I fell for them too :D
I've even watched a lovely British woman on Youtube instruct on frosting cupcakes...

I couldn't stop watching this before the wedding shower LOL
I had to realllly learn what I was doing...
I didn't make the butterflies or the incredibly perfect "fairy daisy petals" but... I did gain my confidence!
and ... I don't know... it just makes me happy to make cupcakes :D

Take Care Lori! Thanks for the sweet post!
I love the cupcake Eiffel Tower!
It's awesome!

Maria a dit…

Oh... I just read a little about the Cupcake camp - Paris...
The proceeds went to Haiti!
What a great idea!