WIP and cherry picking

My WIP is almost finished, just needs making into a card now.

And recently we were cherry picking, had a marvellous time!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

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Shari a dit…

the stitching looks wonderful & oh my about the cherries!!!!! Sure wish I had somewhere to pick. We love homemade, fresh, cherry pie!!!!!!

Maria a dit…

I'm so amazed at your needlework!

When I was a little girl, my mother's cousin had cherry trees at their house. We drove 2 hours to visit them at cherry picking time and came home with an amazing amount of cherries! What a day of feasting and then the next week was for baking and further enjoyment!!!
I should look around in my area to see who has cherry picking! They look scrumptious!

Very CUTE photo of you too!
one for the scrapbook! ~a lovely weekend to you Lori~