Some headway on WIP

Hello everyone, I do hope you had a restful Easter time, had plenty of chocs, and seen your loved ones. I have been spoilt, and I also got a good move onto my WIP (Work in progress).
Yes, Cecile, my Picasa friend, did wonder whether my 12 days of Christmas would ever be ready in time for Christmas 2010? Good question. In any case, seeing that I am always doing other things in parallel, this is what I wonder too. However, all this said, I have progressed with my 6th Day.

And I have also advanced with the bunny design for my step-daughter's baby, I still have to do the strips on the tee-shirt, only we are not sure if we will have a girl or a boy, so patience is a virtue, will it be blue or pink? And the name is not yet decided, so all in all my bunny design will be put aside, waiting for the final details.

For those of you visiting my little blog, thanks for your comments and advice.

Have a good week,

3 commentaires:

Cindy F. a dit…

Oh girl! Both are adorable!!

Shari a dit…

too cute!!!! Is that the Marg. Sherry pattern out of the British mag.??? I love it!!

Lori's page a dit…

Yes, Margaret Sherry 12 Days of Christmas, L