Easter flowers!

I was blessed with lovely sunshine today, and out came my camera. These are the flowers in my garden, and I felt so at peace there. I must admit I was troubled by news from a fellow blogger whose son narrowly escaped death by fire, so I was thinking a lot of her. If you read this, think of Cindy and say a prayer for her and her family, this was a big shock for her.

In fact we had quite a bit of sunshine this week, so I also managed to take photos in my place of work's garden. I am privileged, I must admit, I have never before had a place of work with flowers and a garden. In summer we all take our lunch out and enjoy as much sunshine as possible. Really blessed.

And today I have decorated my Easter tree, I enjoyed doing that such a lot. I trimmed some of the lilac tree branches and this is the result. I will post separately the Easter eggs. And my DH gave me a lovely bunch of daffodils, so nice and bright, I was delighted.

Hope you are all blessed with peace, joy and hope in our risen Saviour!


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